CaraQ 1.1.1

Create cute animated avatars


  • Very easy
  • Attractive results
  • Avatars for offline or online use


  • Not all items are free
  • Requires registration for advanced use

Very good

Caraq offers you a fun way to create a personalized avatar that you can use in your favorite IM application or in your blog. The program leads you through several steps in the process of designing the avatar, choosing face expression, skin color, clothes and even the action that will be performed by the character.

Once you're done, the avatar will be saved on your PC as a BMP file and also published to the program's website, from where you'll be able to embed it to your blog.

Caraq is very easy to use and features a wide range of items to use on your avatar, although not all of them are free. The program has a currency system (Caraq coins) which you can use to purchase special items.

These coins can be acquired in the program's website and there's also ways to obtain some of them for free: for example, if your avatar is viewed more than 100 times.

The official program's webpage acts as a community site for all Caraq users, where you can browse other people's avatars and share yours.

Although you can upload your avatar with a guest account (as long as it uses only free items) you'll need to create an user account if you want to use other services.

CaraQ is a Flash Avatar Maker tool. Just simply enter your conversations plus various styles and actions, and you can create your unique CaraQ.



CaraQ 1.1.1

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